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Stephen Colbert’s Super-PAC Banks Less Than $6,000 In June

via Justin Sink, The Hill’s Ballot Box

The joke might be over.

Comedian Stephen Colbert’s super-PAC raised only $5,690 in June, the second straight month that the organization brought in less than five figures. The totals pale in comparison to the committee’s performance last year, when the group raised more than $825,000.

Colbert began the organization as a gag to illustrate how the American campaign finance system actually worked, encouraging donations from his supporters and then mounting a faux-presidential run during the Republican primaries.

In South Carolina, the group bought ad time in the weeks preceding the Republican contest and ran a series of ads urging supporters to vote for Herman Cain, who had recently dropped out of the race amid allegations of sexual impropriety. One of the ads, narrated by actor John Lithgow, mocked Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney as a “serial killer” of corporations.

But operations seem to have dried up for the super-PAC, which spent just $765 in June on a minimal consulting and storage fee.

Still, Colbert’s group could come back with a vengeance once the presidential campaign intensifies again this fall. The group still holds more than three-quarters of a million dollars in cash-on-hand.

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