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Poll: Majority Want Romney To Release More Tax Returns

via Justin Sink, The Hill’s Ballot Box

A majority of Americans believe Mitt Romney should release more of his tax returns, evidence that the Obama campaign’s push for fuller disclosure from the Republican nominee could be gaining traction.

Of those surveyed in the USA Today poll released Thursday, 54 percent of all voters and 53 percent of independents say that Romney should release more than two years’ worth of tax returns. Some three in 10 Republicans and three-quarters of Democrats agree that Romney should disclose more.

At the same time, a plurality of voters — 47 percent — say tax returns are “largely irrelevant” when deciding who should be president. Conversely, 44 percent say it provides “legitimate information that helps voters make better decisions.”

Voters are about evenly split when asked to predict whether additional years’ worth of returns would contain damaging information for Romney. The Obama campaign has already mined the documents turned over by Romney to raise questions about offshore investments and bank accounts.

While 44 percent believe the returns would hurt Romney’s campaign, 42 percent say that the release of returns would not likely reveal damaging new information. But 15 percent — largely Democrats — predicted the returns would include revelations that could show Romney is “unfit to be president.”

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