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Romney And Perry Headed For Tax War

via Rachel Weiner, The Washington Post

A fight appears to be brewing between Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney over tax policy.

On Wednesday, Perry declared that he would be coming out with a flat-tax plan next week. In Iowa Thursday morning, Romney said the flat tax has “positive features” but you have to make sure it “doesn’t raise taxes on middle-income Americans.”

Romney has frequently praised the flat tax — in theory. But the specific plans offered by Republicans, he has argued, are unfairly weighted towards the wealthy.

While Romney has moved to the ideological right on most issues, his stance on this one is pretty consistent. But he’s also trying to have it both ways by embracing theoretical idea of a flat tax, which is popular among conservatives, while arguing against a specific plan that, it just so happens, is being pushed by his main rival for the GOP presidential nomination.

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