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Oct. 21, 2011: Will It Be The End Of The World?

via Jaweed Kaleen, The Huffington Post

It was just under five months ago that John Ramsey was huddled in his New Jersey apartment, clasping his King James Bible alongside his family as they nervously awaited an earthquake that would usher in the Rapture and Judgment Day, followed by a five-month period of hell on earth before the world came to an end.

Ramsey, 25, was one of thousands of Americans who were left confused when the May 21 “Judgment Day,” predicted by California radio preacher Harold Camping and advertised by thousands of billboard and pamphleteers nationwide, came and went without event.

Now Oct. 21, the date of the supposed end of the world, is approaching. While the demonstrations and ads predicting the event have disappeared and Camping has gone silent, the thousands of people who quit their jobs and spent their savings to spread his teachings haven’t.

Do they still believe the world is about to end?

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