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Hillary Clinton Receiving Donations Of $20.12 From Voters Who Want Her To Challenge President Obama

via Michael McAuliff, The Huffington Post

Some of Hillary Clinton’s most ardent supporters just are not willing to let go — and they’ve mounted a push to get her into next year’s White House race by making donations of $20.12 to her old presidential campaign committee.

A review of Clinton’s most recent Federal Election Commission filing finds dozens of $20.12 donors, all of whom have donated before, since contributions that small are not reported until a giver’s total exceeds $200. There are likely others whose totals fall below that threshold.

“The purpose was to to encourage her to reconsider her candidacy for 2012,” said Will Bower, a Clinton die-hard who ponied up his $20.12 on Aug. 13, around the time many of the other like-minded donors cut checks.

“Many of us still believe she was the victor in 2008, if not on paper, in spirit,” said Bower, who ended up voting for Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in 2008.

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