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Jon Huntsman Will Not Attend Next Debate In Las Vegas

via Michael D. Shear, The New York Times

Jon M. Huntsman Jr. won’t be at the next debate, in Las Vegas. But it’s not a sleight by the organizers.

Mr. Huntsman is boycotting the event on Tuesday to protest the state’s decision to hold its caucus on Jan. 14.

That decision has complicated the voting schedule and prompted New Hampshire’s secretary of state to warn that he might have to hold that state’s primary as early as mid-December.

In an appeal to New Hampshire voters — who fiercely guard their right to live in the state with the first primary — Mr. Huntsman has scheduled a town-hall-style meeting in the state for Tuesday, the day of the Las Vegas debate.

“New Hampshire plays a vital role in our nominating system in that — unlike any other primary — it gives voters the opportunity to engage substantively with the candidates on the myriad issues facing our country,” explained Tim Miller, a spokesman for Mr. Huntsman.

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