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Fox Anchor Megyn Kelly Battles O’Reilly To Support Transgender Community

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly battled fellow Fox News host Bill O’Reilly last night, and reiterated her support of Chaz Bono and the transgender community in an on-​air segment. Kelly earlier had interviewed fellow Fox associate Dr. Keith Ablow and excoriated him for his online Fox column and later comments that children could become transgender just by watching Chaz Bono on “Dancing With The Stars.”

READ: Keith Ablow Skewered By Fox News Anchor For Attacking Chaz Bono

Kelly got into a heated exchange with O’Reilly, who unsurprisingly supported Ablow’s ignorant and hateful comments, by trying to explain them away. But Kelly stood her ground, stating, “It’s one thing if he’s got some scientific evidence to back that up, but he doesn’t. There is no scientific evidence to back that up and as I pointed out to him, the head of the American Psychiatric Association, Dr. John Oldman says, ‘there’s no evidence viewing a television game show with a transgendered contestant would induce Gender Identity Disorder in young people,” and the experts in this field say Ablow is way off-​base.”

Igor Volsky at Think Progress adds this:

Kelly claimed and suggested that Ablow’s words will lead to the persecution of transgender people:

KELLY: Listen, this group of people already undergoes enough discrimination and isolation…

O’REILLY: We have this this slippery slope argument…

KELLY: No, don’t talk over it Bill.

O’REILLY: I’m not talking over it, I got to get to another…

KELLY: This group of people is persecuted already and now you have Dr. Ablow telling people that if your kid sees one in a manner that is something akin to a celebration, your kid may wind up being one of them. Now there are people int his country that will react to a transgender person when they see one at the McDonald’s or at some event and that’s irresponsible.

O’REILLY: You don’t know that they’re transgendered people. Alright.

We’ll forgive Kelly for using the term, “transgendered,” as it’s “transgender,” but Megyn Kelly deserves a medal for taking this issue on, especially at the conservative, anti-​science “news” outlet for which she works.

By the way, to Bill O’Reilly, via Julie Bolcer at The Advocate:

The murder of one transgender woman and the nonfatal shooting of another in Washington, D.C., over the weekend have prompted growing alarm and questions about the police response to a series of unsolved crimes in recent months.

The latest incidents suggest a pattern of violence sweeping across the city while the police department fails to contain the growing threat, although the crimes may or may not be connected. Since July, at least two women have been murdered, in addition to multiple shootings and other attacks, including one incident last month in which a drunk off-​duty police officer opened fire on three transgender women and two male friends in northwest D.C.

“I would say it seems like it’s almost open season,” said Dana Beyer, executive director of Gender Rights Maryland, who lives nearby in Montgomery County. “I don’t recall D.C. becoming a shooting gallery like this.”

The Monday shooting differs from earlier incidents because police have identified a suspect known to the victim. He goes by the name of Tyrone, according to WUSA.

Advocates said the prospect of an arrest provides limited consolation after a summer of brutality that took the life of Lashay McLean in July and saw another shooting in the same northeast D.C. neighborhood less than two weeks later. Also this weekend in that area, two women had a gun pulled on them while exiting the Metro. No suspects have been arrested in any of the cases.

via David Badash, The New Civil Rights Movement


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