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Same-Sex Marriages Legal in Cancun

via Diane Anderson-Minshall, The Advocate

Gay travelers just got another reason to head to the Caribbean. According to Fox News Latino, Cancun, Cozumel, and other resort areas in the Mexican Caribbean will soon allow same-sex couples to legally marry, thanks largely to a recently discovered quirk in the local civil code.

The area is already popular with LGBT travelers from the U.S., Europe, Canada, and other parts of Mexico, and several couples have already expressed interest in marrying there. Activist Patricia Novelo told the Spanish language news site Efe.com that the first same-sex group weddings will be held in the resort area this month. The International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association is working with Colectivo Diversidad, Fusion G, and Gay Tours Mexico to strike up deals with airlines and hotel chains so that same-sex weddings can be held all along Mexico’s Caribbean coast.

According to Fox News Latino, same-sex marriages are possible in the region of Mexico known as Quintana Roo, “thanks to a legal gap in the Civil Code,” which speaks only to “people interested in getting married” without specifying their gender.

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