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Police Violence Sparks General Strike Idea Within ‘Occupy Wall Street’

via Kenneth Rapoza, Forbes

The Occupy Wall Street movement is going for broke following a rash of police violence reports, especially one in Oakland, California this week.

The adhoc headquarters at Adbusters magazine in Vancouver said the movement is testing the waters with its roughly 93,000 list serve members to gauge interest in calling for a general strike on Nov. 2.  The idea came from Occupy Oakland.

The magazine posted the note on its blogpage Thursday evening, saying the movement entered an “ominous phase” following Tuesday’s police attack that injured a protester in Oakland. Unfortunately for the police, the protester happened to be an Iraq war veteran named Scott Olson, critically injured by Oakland law enforcement with pictures of his bloody head making the rounds on line.

The news about Oakland traveled around the world early this week, and now some within the movement think it provides them with a reason to escalate the protest into attempting a general strike next week, something that has not been tried in the U.S. since pre-World War II.

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