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Michele Bachmann Denies Entire New Hampshire Team Resigned Because Of Iowa Focus

via Mail Online

Michele Bachmann has admitted that two of our staff members have quit, but still denies that her entire team in New Hampshire has resigned en masse. The Minnesota congresswoman yesterday denied that any of her staff had left because of dissatisfaction with her focus on Iowa. But today admitted that at least two have left her campaign team.

Bachmann’s campaign spokeswoman Alice Stewart today claimed that three to five staff members in New Hampshire are still on the payroll. ‘Not all of our New Hampshire staff has quit,’ she told Fox News, confirming that Jeff Chidester, the communications director, and Caroline Gilger have resigned.

‘We just didn’t know yesterday because they never talked to us, they just went to the press,’ she said. ‘It would have been nice of them to talk to us. We understand that they want to campaign and work more, it’s just that we are spending our time and efforts in Iowa.

‘We’re basically camping out in Iowa until the caucuses.’

The staffing problems are the latest blow to Bachmann’s 2012 hopes.

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