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Why Europe Won’t Create The Next Apple, FedEx Or McDonald’s

via Frank Holmes, Forbes A surprising wealth of information about the world’s most prosperous people can be discovered in two new reports. The Chinese Millionaire Wealth Report 2012, put together by GroupM and the Hurun Report, found that there are now a million millionaires in China. On average, a Chinese millionaire is 39 years old, … Continue reading

How Syria’s Tragedy Could Remake the UN

via Michael Moran, Slate The veto by Russia and China of an Arab League plan to prevent Syria’s violence from spiraling into a full-fledged massacre of those demanding to be treated with dignity will be remembered by Syrians of all stripes for a generation. The majority of the country, which has pleaded for pressure from … Continue reading

In Case of Emergency: Japan Discusses Plans to Build ‘Backup Tokyo’

via Nick Carbone, TIME Japan can build anything, right? How about making a second Tokyo? It’s Japan’s business hub, capital, and largest, most densely populated city. But it sits on the tumultuous Ring of Fire. Tokyo was forced to face a stark reality earlier this year when a double-whammy 9.0 earthquake and tsunami rocked a … Continue reading

A Tax Others Embrace, U.S. Opposes

President Obama’s proposal for a new tax on millionaires echoes a call in many countries struggling with budget deficits and overwhelming debts to make the wealthy pay more. Britain and France have imposed new taxes on their highest earners — and Italy, Spain, Greece and Japan are considering similar moves, despite some protests. Whether the … Continue reading


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