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UK won’t force gay rights on Malawi, Africa

via Peter Makossah, Nyasa Times

Malawi and other African countries will not be forced or induced into enacting pro gay laws in exchange for aid, United Kingdom’s minister for Africa Henry Bellingham has declared.

Bellingham , who has been visiting Malawi on his African tour that has also taken him to Zambia, stressed that her majesty’s government would ensure that all countries in the African continent respect international human right laws and that do not persecute any minorities.

“United Kingdom will not tie its aid to Africa to gay rights but would make sure that all countries do not maltreat or discriminate against any one for being gay,” he emphasized.

Pressed to clarify if London was in any way forcing African countries to enact gay friendly laws through aid, Bellingham vehemently declined such assertions as untrue saying: ” NO! We are not doing that and we will never do that at all.”

He said: “What we are saying is that members of the commonwealth and we aspire to adhere to universal rights and part of those rights is protecting interests of the minorities.

Homosexuality is illegal in most African countries incuding Malawi save for South Africa, Chad and Gabon.

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