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Bachmann To React To Obama’s Job Speech

She didn’t get a lot of camera time in [Wednesday] night’s Republican presidential debate, but Rep. Michele Bachmann may be in the spotlight Thursday night, following President Obama’s jobs speech in front of Congress.

The three-term congresswoman from Minnesota and GOP White House hopeful announced Thursday morning that she will hold a news conference on Capitol Hill to react to the president’s address before a joint congressional session.

Bachmann, who is admired by many in the tea party movement, has been a very vocal critic of Obama and his performance on the economy and jobs.

Bachmann formally launched her campaign for the Republican presidential nomination in late June and soon began to rise in most public opinion polls. But on the day of her biggest victory, her win at a crucial GOP straw poll in Ames, Iowa, she was eclipsed by Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s announcement that he was jumping into the race for the White House. Since then she has seen her standing in national surveys drop as Perry has risen in the polls.

Bachmann made waves at the beginning of the year by giving the official tea party response to the president’s State of the Union address that was separate from the official Republican response.

via CNN


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